District Philosophy

  • The mission of the District 56 Athletic program is to develop values and character qualities such as: self-esteem, sportsmanship, loyalty, self-sacrifice, role acceptance, goal setting, and team unity.  These qualities will help athletes to be more successful in academic and social settings. Only by challenging ourselves and working hard, we can achieve our goals. The primary goal of the District 56 Athletic programs is to teach the necessary fundamentals to achieve success.

    District 56 Interscholastic Athletic Beliefs are:

    1.   Students are our first priority.

    2.   Education is a shared responsibility.

    3.   The family is the foundation of learning.

    4.   High expectations produce higher results.

    5.   An environment, which fosters dignity and mutual respect, is fundamental to promote good citizenship.

    6.   Progress demands change.

    7.   Open/honest communication is essential to building successful partnerships.

    8.   Learning never ends 

    Goals of the District 56 Middle School Interscholastic Programs are:

    1.  Develop important life values and character qualities.

    2.  Encourage participation.

    3.  Develop basic sport skills.

    4.  Increase student's level of self-esteem through participation.

    5.  Help players learn role acceptance through team membership.

    6.  Promote values of sportsmanship in competition.

           7.  Have fun!