• September - October newsletter

    September - October newsletter

    Wow! A month has come and gone already, can you believe it? Part of that month, Viking had a ringside seat against the flood waters from the Des Plaines River... pretty exciting stuff, though I blame my inner Science student for my excitement.

    Our sixth graders have been very busy learning everything about laboratory safety, laboratory equipment, and measurement conversions. We’re just about ready to begin our Astronomy unit heading into the month of October. One major project coming up will be the Space Shuttle project where students will have the chance to create Google slides dedicated to one of the 135 NASA Space Shuttle missions. We will also learn about the relationships between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, and observe the cosmos during the early evening hours. This is an exciting opportunity for both your children and you to really learn about astronomy, and you can sit alongside them as they take the journey observing the stars during the Fall months.

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